The Leslie G37 Guitar Amp from Hammond

April 6, 2009 at 5:31 am (Awesome Artists, Great Gear, Guitar Stuff, Music) (, , , )

I’ve always loved the organ… one of the oldest instruments in modern music that is so crucial and instrumental (pun intended), but so often overlooked and unnoticed. One of its most unique characteristics, however, doesn’t come from the instrument itself. It comes from how it’s sound is reproduced: an amplifier known as a Leslie, created by Don Leslie in the ’40s… yeah, the 1940s.

What makes this amp unique is its rotating speakers… yeah, speakers that spin. The rotation simulates a vibrato effect (which is actually a Doppler effect) and gives it a very unique sound. Guitar players really dug the sound and started hooking up their guitars to these cabs.

Up till now, hooking up your guitar to a Leslie has been difficult and clunky, but Hammond, the owner of the Leslie brand, has created the Leslie G37, a Vibratone amp created specifically for guitar players, and it sounds amazing. Check out the two vids below and tell me what you think.

The Guitar player in the vids is Grammy-winning writer Jim Peterik. You may know a few of his songs like, Eye of the Tiger from Survivor and Vehicle from Ides of March. I’ve included a couple of his those vids below, too.

Jim Peterik on the The Leslie G37 Guitar Amp (1 of 2)

Jim Peterik on the The Leslie G37 Guitar Amp (2 of 2)

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

Vehicle by Ides of March


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